Inspired by an inevitable desire to achieve greatness beyond any dream imagined. We empower the Athlete, the Artist and everyday people to believe in themselves and remove any doubt of succeeding. The only question you should ever ask yourself is...

"How B.A.D. do you want it?"



Bars and Discipline is a community of like-minded individuals that

refuse to settle for less. We want to raise the "bar" in all areas of life.

Not only for ourselves but also for our fellow neighbors. We want every sentence we speak to be profound, like a bar. You want to become a

person of certainty and remove any doubt of succeeding.



The most important thing poetry and theatre taught me was to check and leave your ego at the door. Having positive self esteem is great but not at the expense of thinking others are beneath you. The only time you should look down at someone is when you are spotting them during their workouts. Remember, everyone had to start from somewhere. You must and should have a willingness to help your fellow neighbor. Doing so will make them and you great in the process. There is enough energy in the universe for all of us to be great!

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It is imperative that you are recognized as a person that is dependable, accountable and stands by the words you speak. You must develop a character that exudes honor and virtue. And your actions need to reflect this nature as well. You'll become a person that is not only honest to others but most importantly honest to yourself. You must be true to yourself first, before you can be truthful to others. 

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Motivation is great! But Discipline is EVERYTHING! There will be days you may not be motivated to get up. But Discipline will make you get up and complete whatever task is in front of you. No matter what the obstacle or challenge is, Discipline will give you the will power to get the job done. Once you have fully instilled Discipline as an everyday behavior You'll be able to do anything, even move mountains.